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Julien C. H. Andersen
A life in faith, love, compassion

and in God

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God's messages:

Throughout history, God has spoken to man through dreams, vision, and words in both the Bible, the Koran, and other scriptures. So why shouldn't He also be able to do that today?
  Nothing is impossible for God -
  God had even prepared Julien for it. For several years he had received small prophecies, and for a few years he had known that he should write down some messages from God, but not when or how?
In 2011, Julien has his first conversation with God about the first book that he begins to write. It was just  like dictation in school. Julien wrote what he heard. When the first messages were written down, a voice said: “You will get more books. Remember, it is Me who writes, not you. "
  The messages have meant that of course Julien is very conscious that he is only the instrument and not the author.
  The grace to receive God's word in such a way is called Prophecy. This is perhaps why the books should be called "The Prophet's Diary" and "Divine Prophecies."

In November 2011, Julien was in India and he is finishing his first book "The Prophet's Diary."
  One evening, God said to Julien: “When you get home and finish your book, you will start your next book. You will write it in just one month. So you get busy. ”
  The two books were the beginning of a communication on words from God that continues to this day. It is God who dictates His words of wisdom to Julien so that He can pass them on to humanity so that they know His love, wisdom and grace.
"The Prophet's Diary" and "Divine Prophecy" are both beautiful and unique messages from God about man, love, family, and upbringing.
  The book "Divine Prophecies" gives a look into the future of the continents and some of the countries, including the powerful Vatican state. The book is also about philosophy and democracy everywhere on earth.
  In particular, the books provide an understanding that we are all connected to one big puzzle and that we are on our way to a harmonious earth in the not too distant future.


Miracles, the warnings and the prophecies
"The miracles, the warnings, and the prophecies are given to you to believe in Me, the One God and My Son Jesus Christ.
  They are My business card. Go forward with love, devotion and faith, for you are all children of one. "

A channeling by Julien C. H. Andersen


Spirituality and the Path of the Heart:
“Spirituality is a tool for me - and a spiritual clairvoyance - is the way of the heart, is to help others. And being spiritual like me is really meant spiritually.
  The spiritual world from which we come has an overview of our lives, some truths, and the solution to our problems that we cannot see for ourselves.
  What is the truth?
  The truth can be both selfish and spiritual. If it is spiritual, it is also loving and the best help to you.
  Love is truth.
  Egoism is a circadian fly that clings to the mud and covers the truth and love.
  Without truth and love we cannot survive.
  A spiritual clairvoyance - the path of the heart is about truth and love for yourself, your loved ones and your surroundings. ”

Julien C. H. Andersen

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