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Julien C. H. Andersen
A life in faith, love, compassion and in God

God's Word and Writing for Him:

In the years 2000 - 2011, Julien underwent major purges where he daily experienced the love of God facing his own, family, friends and colleagues' limited love. It was very painful - and insightful.
  The cleansing has brought with it teaching and a great spiritual growth at Julien.
  In 2011, after many years of many tests, God told Julien to write books, and asked him to write down His words.
When Julien receives the Word of God, he is fully conscious, able to speak and able to use his body in the normal way.
  He receives God's prophetic word through his hearing, while at the same time having a vision of a divine figure. When Julien writes down the word of God, he is first told that he must now write. It may also be that the message is that he should write later that day. Most often it is in the evening.
There are two ways Julien experiences God communicating with him. One is that Julien hears God speak to him, after which he writes the spoken down. It's like getting dictated at school, where the teacher says the text, and the student writes it down.
 The other way is through the intellect of Julien, where he receives both the words and the understanding at once. Here Julien feels that the speech of God is like a light that burns clearly for a moment and then goes out. And if he doesn't write down the words, they're gone. The words are like smoke that dissolves in the air and he cannot recall them. They are and will be gone.

  In both cases, God speaks very quickly and lets the insights flow through him.
 Julien does not experience God speaking through him - but to him, to his ears and through his intellect. It takes place inside Julien. You don't hear any talk in the room or the room where Julien is.

All the books are written as dictation. The first book "The Prophet's Diary" and some of the second book "Divine Prophecies" were written in the hand.
  Then all the prophecies are written on computer, and so are the subsequent messages that Julien has received over the years.
The first book is written with Julien's distinctive handwriting, which reproduces the messages he receives. There are only a few corrections in the font, so you can't call it automatic font. It is holy scripture. There is no harm in them or condescending. As in other sacred texts, the messages are trustworthy and loving and bear witness to spiritual insight far beyond the ordinary, at least far beyond what one might expect from an educator.
For a man like Julien without any theological training or education, it is a marvelous achievement to write down texts on the deepest spiritual things, including about the role of democracy and to make predictions about lands, nations and people in public office.
  It is also strange that there is no malice, stiffness, confusion or chaos in the texts. On the contrary, there is order in the texts and they are clear, loving and refined, just as the messages support or even explain other sacred messages, as well as they support the teachings of God, the Christian church and other faiths.
None of the books or messages have been examined by theologians or other professionals.



More information about the scriptures - the prophecies can be obtained by reading the books that can be ordered here on the website, or by reading selected prophecies on the BLOK, which can also be found here on the website.
  You can also read selected prophecies on Facebook under Julien C. H. Andersen or on "The house of Love" and some in English on Facebook Prophecies:



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